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February 20, 2010

What Does Allergic Reactions Look Like?

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That is the question most people want to know.  The simple answer…’s different for everyone.  For some people allergic reactions are mild and hardly noticeable…….for others, they are extreme and even deadly.

The best way I have found to decipher how your body reacts to a specific food you are allergic to, is to remove all foods you are suspected to be allergic to and then introduce ONE food back into your diet.  WARNING!!!: THIS IS ONLY DONE IF YOU ARE NOT IN DANGER OF A SERIOUS REACTION.  DO NOT DO THIS IF YOUR REACTIONS ARE LIFE THREATENING OR A HEALTH RISK!

This is what most doctors or allergists will tell you to do, IF you allergic reactions are not life threatening.  Mine and my daughter’s reactions are not.  This is what I found with this method.

For Me:
Peanut = Ear Pain
Potato = Throat Swelling/Pain/possible Sinus
Wheat = Stomach Pain/Vomiting/Sinus
Mushroom = Sore Throat

For My Daughter:
Corn Syrup/Corn Syrup Solids = Hives/Rash/”Rosey” Cheeks
Corn = Severe Stomach Pain/Diarrhea/Vomiting/Allergic Colonitis
Corn Starch/Food Starch/Modified Food Starch/Corn Starch, etc. = eventual Stomach Pain/Vomiting/Diarrhea/Allergic Colonitis

Both my daughter and I are also allergic to Dust:

Dust = Sinus Problems/Itching/Possible Skin Breakout for both of us but we don’t have that big of issues with it unless it’s really dusty.  I must say, dust is a lot easier to manage for us then food allergies!  But that is just for us!

As always, I strongly advocate seeking medical advice from a good doctor and/or allergist and follow their advice.

Also, keep an open mind as to what an allergic reaction can look like.  Most people are expecting breathing, swelling problems or other severe reactions.  Allergic reactions come in all different shapes and sizes so don’t think because you are not having a “text-book” reaction it isn’t a reaction. Over time, even allergic reactions can get worse, so again, keep an open mind.

Keep it Healthy,


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